2D and 3D Animation reels. 2020.

Made with Toon Boom Harmony 16.

-Fire sword girl, design by Genice Chan
-Duck landing and flying. Texture painting help by Jose Manuel Muñoz, Sound design by Carlos Ruiz Martín
-Character acting
-Kid in the woods, kid design by Torsten Schrank (‘Klaus’ fanart)
-Dancer walking
-Monkey (Original character)
-Harpooner posing, design by Torsten Schrank (‘Klaus’ fanart)
-Acting test for ‘Klaus’, discarded

-Bird animation, layout by Daniel Gallego
-Various FX animations (original designs)

Made with Maya 2019

-Acting based on the song “Aaron Burr, Sir” from Hamilton the Musical. Longwinter rigs.
-Sword fighting . Longwinter and Azri rigs.
-Cartoon acting. Longwinter rig.
– Stitch fan animation. Rig by Courtney Miller.